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It is the year 3281 and that many years prior the universe saw darkness, as a cataclysmic event known as the scream, dragged the human race back into a second dark age.

But now humanity once again roams the stars. Ancient relics of the lost ages float through the cosmos derelict and abandoned. You play as the crew from the scavenger class vessel known as the Skroo U2. Who have been sent on a mission to retrieve the computer core of the space station Azard and return it to the planet Andonine to receive a hefty paycheck.
Once the crew steps aboard the ship they fall unconscious and wake up alone with a strange weapon in hand. With a overwhelming feeling of being watched they walk through hallways populated with dangerous robots seeking their escape.

Indiction is still in development but it is inspired by Pacman and CrossCode. It is planned to be played like a sci-fi survival game where the players search the space station to try and escape it, while being chased and having to hide from various robots. during the player’s adventures through the station they uncover some of its past through journal entries. I intend to release the full game at the end of the year but it’s next step is a more playable version of the game over the next few months. Once released the game will be available for free.

- Interactive map
- Chasing AI
- Pick-ups
- Equipment

Future Plans:
I plan to add a more dynamic environment involving traps and even a map to help the players traverse the station. I also plan to make an exceptionally large map to explore that contains more surrounding the story aspects of the narrative behind the game.
I also plan to use multiple character sprites which will play into the overarching storyline behind Indiction, namely the crew of the ship. One of my planss for this game is that of death not being the end of the players experience. For example when the player dies they are played audio from a robotic voice whitch eludes to what is going on in the ship and once the player progresses through the game and finds all journal entries they unlock a black box and once the players listen to the box they are taken to a screen which promts them to press “submit to control” once they do it will end the game.
The black box audio above explains some of the story of the game from the perspective of the AI that controls the station.

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Install instructions

Just an easy to use .exe that the player can just click and play.


Indiction.exe 2 MB
black box.mp3 260 kB